Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoy Shaping Lotion Review with Giveaway Coming in a Few Hours

Earlier today I shared my new hairstyle with you.  Click here if you missed it.  Essentially,I'm going for the smooth and sleek look.  However, I like to do a nice wavy look every now and again.  Only problem is, my hair doesn't have much (if any) wave to it. 

When I try mouse or gel it mostly just gets crunchy.  Sometimes I can get it puffy, but not usually wavy.  I went through a serious wavy hair stage and I actually french braided my wet hair every night to get it that way!  Now it's been a long time since I've done that (we all know I don't have time for that with the two little ones running around!)

Well the lovely people over at Enjoy hair care products sent me their shaping lotion to see if I could coax that curl out of my hair with a little product and a diffuser.  I was worried while I was diffusing it because I've never found a product that really worked with my hair in this aspect.  I was wondering what I would say if it didn't work for me because I've never had to write a negative review.  But when I finished drying it with the diffuser and looked in the mirror I was very pleasantly surprised!

I saw nice, soft waves and lots of body!  I was ecstatic!  I finished it off with some Aussie Sprunch Spray (which I'm not reviewing, but is a nice aerosol hair spray to keep a good style just how you want it).  It stayed nice all day!  I will definitely be replacing my Enjoy Shaping Lotion when I run out!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'll be posting an "ultimate hair care package" giveaway tomorrow morning.  Both products I've reviewed will be in the package.  And optional entries will include liking them on facebook and following them on twitter so in case you want to get a head start, here they are:


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