Monday, May 30, 2011

HBL Shine and Seal Review with Giveaway Coming Tomorrow

I recently got a new hair style.  It's supposed to be very straight and sleek, almost like a long bob.  Here was my inspiration:

I needed a product that would make my hair sleek and give it some shine.  In comes HBL Shine and Seal.
I put a little in my wet hair before blow drying.  Then straightened it and voila.  It looked much sleeker than normal.  See my hair is too thick to pull of an actual bob, so the get the Jennifer Aniston look I was going for the stylist had to thin it down on the bottom which is essentially giving you layers.  However, I don't want these layers to show.  The shine and seal kept everything sleek and in place so I had the put together look I was going for.  There was definitely some added shine too. 

Here I am sporting my new HBL hairstyle at my birthday celebration at Wingers (mmmm).

Look how nice and sleek it looks :) 

And also important: it didn't make my hair feel greasy. I was still able to go a couple days between washing it (let's be honest here, with 2 kiddos under 2, washing my hair everyday just doesn't happen!)

Well tomorrow I will be posting another hair product review and a giveaway for the "ultimate hair care package" and HBL Shine and Seal will be included in it, so check back tomorrow!

And meanwhile stop by and "like" HBL on facebook if you get a chance.

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(They'll both be optional entries for the giveaway.)



  1. LOVE IT! I'm getting this done next week! Thanks for the inspiration! I've ben looking for something to do with my long locks ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Cute hair! I am loving Jen's new hair!!


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