Friday, September 2, 2011

Easy Flower Blossom Accessory

This is Elyse from Six Sister's Stuff.
We have been seeing so many cute flower accessories floating around and decided we would just make our own and save us a little cash!

Here is some of our inspiration:

We rounded up a few items we had around the house and went to work!

Supplies: Hot glue gun, scissors, clip, felt and ribbon. (Yes, that is old, clearance Christmas ribbon!)

Cut 2 identical, felt circles. Make the circles the size that you want your flower to be. Mine were about 2 inches in diameter.

Put a dime-sized drop of glue in the middle of one felt circle.

Fold the end of your ribbon in half with the crease facing up. Glue the tip of the ribbon to the felt.

Twist your ribbon around the center point in a circle, gluing as you go.

Just keep gluing and twisting!
(sorry for the bad pictures, going through a camera crisis right now!)

When you reach the edge of your felt circle, cut off your ribbon and glue to the underside of your flower.

Glue on your second circle of felt and slide in your clip!

Easy and free!

If you didn't want it in your hair you could attach it to a top or bag! The possibilities are endless!

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