Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just got my free Picaboo photo book!

So as I mentioned on a different post I used the free photo book offer from Picaboo to finally order myself a wedding album and I just got it!  Love it!  I have ordered photobooks from other companies before (which I will keep anonymous :)) and this one is definetly higher quality!  Here is a link to my post about how you can get your free photo book (among other things) in case you missed it.  Click here

I'm also trying to decide which photo to use for my free 8x10 canvas gallary wrap (decided to go with an engagement pic because I love the colors), so if you feel like it you could give my your opinion :) 

Option 1

Option 2
I've got a fun craft for you coming tonight :)


  1. I am in the process of ordering mine right now :) Cant wait to get it! Yours looks fab :)

    I think I like #2 better now....sigh, they both look good

  2. option #1!!! Loved the 2nd one,but love seeing your face in #1. Enjoy1!

  3. They are both great but I'd go with option#1 (:

  4. I like #2. The background looks like the capital in my state, Salem. Beautiful pics!

  5. I vote for #1 but you should REALLY have another one made with #2. Or maybe a collage of some sort! Wheels are turning now!


  6. I'm working on my photobook too! I like seems carefree and fun! 1 is great too though!

  7. I love option #1 too. So cool!

    Thanks for linking up!!!


  8. Thanks for all the input! It looks like number one has the most votes so you know I think I'm just gonna go with it :)

  9. I like #2. It just looks like fun and so care free.

  10. I got my photobook in as well and it is awesome! I did one of our son's first year, it makes me tear up everytime I look at it.


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