Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Create a home recycling center

Creating a home recycling center is easy.

1. Locate where your home’s recycling center will be. Obviously the kitchen is the best spot because this is where most of the waste is generated. However, if your house is anything like mine you have hardly any room to spare in the kitchen! If that is the case, look for other spaces where you can make a little extra room like the laundry/utility room or maybe a corner in the garage. Just make sure it is accessible enough that you will not be deterred from using it.

2. Select your recycling containers. You will need to go to your local recycling center and check out what all they take and figure out how many bins you will need for sorted items. Remember, not all recyclables are created equal! Plastic items will have a number on the bottom and some recycling centers only take certain numbers (if you are wondering what those numbers mean, click here to find out). Best Green Home Tips shows some attractive recycling bins. I love this set of four recycling bags from Design Within Reach.
3. Make recycling easy. Involve the kids and put fun, easy to understand labels on your bins. Check out these free printable labels at Jinerup
If your looking for more chic recycling labels, check the ones out at Poppytalk.

This is our home recycling center in our utility room. It's nothing fancy but it works! I like to keep the heaviest (paper) bin on the bottom. On the very top is a container that I put all of our used up batteries and printer cartridges in.

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